Post COVID-19 Marketing Statistics & Philosophy

Business is no longer the same because of the epidemic known as the Corona virus, aka COVID-19 wreaking the majority of our planet from Chinese villages, to Spanish huts, and even to Seattle homes with retired elderly. Origin of the disease are widely speculated with some saying Chinese caves being the originator. Regardless, seeking the point of origin is to help scientists understand how to reverse the effects of the sickness on the masses of contracted individuals. Because of the severity of the disease, the coverage of the statistics via media, and the sense of helplessness majority of folks around the world are in quarantine to avoid the disease all together. The implications of this are causing people not to go out and support local businesses only to spend money on major monopolies like Amazon or Walmart. But worry not for this post is to help the average reader understand the changes this disease has done to change marketing for the better or the worse.


According to Entrepreneur, 86% of Americans and 81% of Canadians are expecting a new normal due to this virus in terms of customer behavior, social interaction, and psyche of buyers(1). This alone implies that consumer purchases and political ideologies will lean more towards the right to be more conservative in nature. An eye-opener but a harsh reality everyone must come to peace with because the new normal will involve more trust on both sides.

Digital marketing is now an essential service because companies small and large must understand to build trust with their potential consumers even more than ever. A Corona marketing/business study performed by Duke University shows that customers prioritize trusted relationships. This is because in-person relationships such as network marketing is nearly impossible to develop confidence and competence between two parties. Improvisation and strategic usefulness of resources is now the key; do more with less.


Businesses are looking for long-term traffic equity for their advertising campaigns. Today is an opportunity to develop processes that sustain, bring in loyal customers, and join their marketing stories. Honesty goes a long way. Search Engine Watch says, “…(the Internet content) you create, optimize and publish today will serve your brand in the future and can be updated to reflect evolving business goals throughout the economic recovery.”(2)

Advertising in Fort Worth, Texas faces the same issues. Many folks aren’t networking, budgets are being cut, and trust is at an all-time low. To re-state was brought up earlier, the action that must be enforced is to develop organic traffic campaigns such as the same as Fort Worth SEO consultant, Jonathan Elijah Bowers performs to develop high-level rankings for his clients. Here is picture of his beautiful headshot: Jonathan-Elijah-Bowers

A study by reports that trust has increased in search engines(up to 64%), owned media(54%), and social media(45%). This increase implicates that people are spending more time at home to search for products or services. The easier people can understand the potential solution to their problem the more likely the person will purchase or convert as a loyal conversion. Now is time for digital marketing agencies, consultants, and entrepreneurs to take major action and understand the current of the Internet markets.

An important question to understand and discuss: Will government-issued business loans help businesses stay afloat? It is far too soon to tell. Many experts are thinking it can be as early as 2021 to collect accurate information regarding small-business economic health.

Times are tough, but results with digital marketing implicate major success for those develop the accurate methods to take their business to the next level. Something important to remember is this: 100% consolidation stacking on top of 100% consolidation stacking.

What does mean? Jonathan Elijah Bowers describes it best, “Well, everyone wants 100% accuracy, not 99%. The 1% implicates a tiny percentage of ‘maybe a fail’. No, we want to win, then attack…” One hundred percent trumps ninety-nine percent.

Consolidation stacking is affirming within reason that the accurate actions you take as a business owner, musician, or gardener will offer leverage and stack on a solid foundation. Nothing cannot effect your foundation whenever you build on top of it accurately and effectively.” SEO marketers can learn a lot just from this section of understanding. Build campaigns that are indestructible, with a 0% fail rate at succeeding at bringing organic traffic.

Being on top is very simple but can be perceived as something entirely subjectively. Breakthroughs are the definition of being on top, not being stuck within a local peak. As times are seemingly uncertain, just learning this can move the correct mountains you desire.

This simple bit of understanding is a major win for business-owners. Take it lightly, enjoy the process, and help others seek out clarity. Society will triumph once everyone understands the epistemology of winning.

Develop trust, win before attacking, and be honest with yourself and clients to push through these unprecedented times. It is how we will prevail as an American unit. I will leave you with a video by Gary Vaynerchuck regarding marketing strategy that every business can understand and apply to their campaigns. Fear not, stay safe, and wear a mask!


Birth of the Green Movement

Hello reader,

This website is in accords to the birth of the green movement. We will do everything in our power to spread the good will of the Lord and to bring clean energy to the planet by educating why it is far more economic, sustainable, and profitable than oil-produced energy. The post is just a quick update to let you know that this website is in the process of being built and will be live very soon in the future. Keep calm and choose green energy.

This video explains the alternative methods that green energy can offer to us as a human race: